Refreshing musical experience from a progressive string duo BartolomeyBittmann

BartolomeyBittmann violin and cello duo from Austria

Progressive music is always offering their adepts new and imaginative ways to introduce abstract concepts along with powerful and complex compositions that explores new sonorities.

In order to expand our boundaries, we bring you BartolomeyBittmann, a progressive string duo (violin/mandola and cello) with an interesting artistic proposal: to combine the sounds from two symphonic instruments and the feeling of rock, groove and progressive music into a powerful and refreshing musical experience.

The duo is formed by Matthias Bartolomey (cello) and Klemens Bittmann (violin and mandola), both from Vienna, both trained in the traditions of orchestral and chamber music, sharing a common interest to go beyond to create a different kind of music.

They began to experiment with new and original rhythms, leading to their debut album, Meridian, released in 2013. In this record, BartolomeyBittmann showcases a fresh approach towards jazz and progressive music, containing outstanding songs like Steja¸ which serves as the album’s single. The song contains all of the melodic richness and catchiness of a pop song, the technical complexity of progressive music and the sheer energy of a rock and roll hit! The combination of the profound sounds of the cello, the percussive effects of the mandola and Klemens’ soulful voice near the end makes the song an exciting trip to introduce new listeners to BartolomeyBittmann’s art.

BartolomeyBittmann can merge together different and apparently opposite styles such as a jazz ballad and groovy funk music, and Saga is a song to prove how insightful and smooth this combination can be. Duo’s ability to put up experimental sounds and rhythms together to create an intricate texture which is transformed into an enjoyable musical experience, appealing to the most demanding prog-heads out there. In general, Meridian is an album of balance, which cannot be classified into one single music genre given the artistic diversity we can find within the whole production; and this versatility is what makes them increasingly popular in YouTube and other social media.

In order to promote this album, BartolomeyBittmann duo toured around Europe for about year and a half, with gigs including the Freiburger Kulturbörse and being interviewed by Austrian composer Christian Kolonovits. They earned recognition among concert music and progressive music audiences because of their innovative formation and musical concept. They went back to the studio in 2015 to conceive their following album.

In December 17, 2015 Neubau was introduced to the audiences during the Salzburg Winterfest and received lots of positive reviews from renowned figures like Austrian conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt

…superbly composed and excellently played!

and Austrian jazz guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel

…unrestrained joy and radical rhythms…

This album takes the duo’s popularity to a new level with songs like Les Pauli and its innovative official video, tasteful ballad Lucca EST, dedicated to pianist Esbjörn Svensson, who passed away in 2008, and is a direct influence for BartolomeyBittmann’s style. A more rounded record, Neubau goes beyond its predecessor in more ways to produce beautiful songs while keeping the beauty of the complex structures and rich rhythm materials.

BartolomeyBittmann certainly is here to stay! And we strongly recommend it if you are looking for some refreshing, new material that takes progressive music into new grounds!

You can reach them on their site and Facebook page.

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