A personal journey and perfect melodies from Stella in The Clouds

Stella in The Clouds - Acoustic guitar, personal journey, and perfect melodies

Originally from France, this alternative singer and a song writer has created her current project “Stella in The Clouds” and used it as a vessel to deliver her internationally unique music played on acoustic guitar with combination of electronic sounds which boasts all of the charm of a soulful folk artist.

She found her sound in the roots of music, yet her enigmatic sound is beautifully raw and as contemporary as it comes. Her music has the girl next door vibe which is easily personable, even as you hit play on her music it’s evident that she pours her heart and soul into every note.

It’s remarkable to hear the beautiful array of talent which this multi-instrumentalist holds, being classically trained as a pianist wasn’t enough for Stella, she turned her deft hands to the guitar, to become an outstanding self taught guitarist, her notes are expression full and uniquely creative.

It truly is a delight to hear her compassionate vision of a personal journey being brought to life by her own fair hands, and she has the vocal ability to complete her own cacophony as the sole creator as her tracks, using her own vocals on the backing to create a rich organic sound with her astoundingly diverse vocal range.

Her sound can only be described as organic as her tracks flow with perfect harmony as she strums tranquil tones on her acoustic guitar which projects the warmth and resonance of the greatest of orchestras. Her flawless melodies create a sound so vivacious and whole they are simply a pleasure to behold. Her songs are produced to perfection, the way in which she layers her haunting vocals, over lapping to create a cacophony of sublime expression.

Her talent as a guitarist supersedes that of many acoustic artists, the complexity of the chords in her songs is astounding. The solo’s prove with the absence of synthetic effects makes your hear how clear and concise the chords are, it’s almost as though you can hear her fingers float over the guitar strings.

The lyrics are as easy to follow and are as hypnotic as a lullaby. Her vocals deliver an almost childlike innocence which create a delicate effect on the music, making it seem all that more precious.

Her music became renown through her project Stella In The Clouds in which she demonstrates her playful charismatic style of music which in encapsulates her idealism and projects love and compassion by the way of her rhythmic harmonies, if the success of her first release ‘Peace’ is anything to go by, we are sure to hear a lot more from Stella in The Clouds.

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