Kathryn Joseph an alternative piano artist from Glasgow

Kathryn Joseph - alternative piano artist

Kathryn Joseph is an alternative piano artist whose unique talent, which would be a crime not to recognize, and humble charm has won our hearts, she’s created a storm in the underground music scene in her home town of Glasgow. Her debut album won her the Scottish album of the year award in 2015 following the release of her Double A Side of The Worm.

She is now no do doubt up there with of Scotland’s national treasures such as Biffy Clyro, Primal Scream and The Proclaimers. Though she remains very much in the underground scene at the moment, it won’t be long before her music gets the recognition that it deserves internationally, her level of talent isn’t something that the world can ignore for long.

Kathryn‘s journey into the music industry wasn’t an easy one, she entered the scene with much trepidation, fearing that she would have no place in today’s current music scene her debut was delayed until later life, making her one of the most modest artists of our time which is more than evident in her music which is beautifully resonant.

The fact that making her debut took her until the age of 40 is a crying shame, due to a lack of confidence and a fear of rejection in the most contrived industry in the world her talent remained unnoticed, when in my opinion she is up there with the most notable artists of our time. Her breakthrough in the industry is a triumph for everyone who has ever felt like a square peg fitting a round hole, her music proves that you don’t need to fit the mould to succeed.

Kathryn’s talent almost goes beyond her vocal ability with a voice so deeply resonant, she compliments her adept vocals and poetic lyrics with the atmospheric sound of piano. Her songs flow in perfect melody, the pianists solo’s are so commanding they send a shiver up your spine, but what I love most about Kathryn, is how her music has the aptitude to deliver on such a personal level, she may as well be singing in the same room as you.

Kathryn creates easy listening music at it’s finest. The music is encapsulating in a timeless yet nostalgic manner. The production quality is flawless, clear and concise, with encapsulating melodies. From the instant her tracks begin, the piano melodies hit you like a brick.

It’s a rare feeling to first listen to a song and know that the song will stay with you for long after it’s finished. Her songs such as her debut track The Bird invoke so much emotion, the music feels personal the way she takes apart music and rearranges it in a natural way that is so succinct and raw.

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