A unique performer acoustic guitar player singer and songwriter Jon Gomm

Jon Gomm - acoustic guitar player, singer and songwriter

With his personal style and voice Jon Gomm earned himself a place in contemporary guitar music, as an accomplished artist who keeps reinventing himself with each new track.

Today we are going to introduce you this great guitar talent from the United Kingdom. We are talking about Jon Gomm, a unique performer and songwriter that greatly surprised the world with his amazing acoustic guitar skills and his voice, in a style that combines the best from artists like Michael Hedges or Andy McKee.

Jon Gomm is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and he has been into music since he was two years old (playing ukulele) and a guitar geek since the age of four when he got his first guitar. He is the son of a music critic, and because of this he was always in contact with famous touring musicians like B.B. King or Jack Bruce from Cream.

These artists stayed at the Gomm’s house and teached Jon a guitar lesson, which proven very valuable and influential to him to become the great artist he is today. He continues to pursue his dream by attending The Guitar Institute in London, and paid his way through it by playing in local clubs, as a session guitarist and other music related jobs.

Jon later attended the Leeds College of Music to study on the Jazz degree course. His music was in constant evolution through the years: he has been playing electric guitar as a teenager, doing blues accompaniment with his father and renditions to rock classics like Message in a Bottle by The Police in his personal style.

He has released 3 studio and 1 live album so far, and nowadays he is an active touring musician all around the world! His playing style makes uses of extended percussive guitar techniques, making it sound like a snare drum, bass drum and even bongo sounds! This, combined with his developed acoustic guitar tapping technique great voice, and songwriting skills makes him an accomplished artist.

Hypertension was his first release in 2003, and it contains awesome tracks like Stupid Blues, a great tribute to his early blues influences like Robert Johnson. Don’t Panic is the following album, being released in December 2009. In this record he continues to explore the wide variety of sounds he can produce and his particular approach to music. In songs like The Weather Machine he explores Mediterranean sounds and a singing style that reminds you a sublime Dave Matthews, and extends it into a delightful 8 minute travel around foreign lands.

His next album is even more accomplished than the previous one: Secrets Nobody Keeps is released in November 2013, and we find a deep sense of musicality around it. With songs like Passionflower Jon Gomm gained worldwide attention! The renowned actor and music connoisseur Stephen Fry had the chance to listen to it, tweet just one word ‘Wow!’ and catapulted Jon Gomm to the superstar status with more than 2 million views.

Passionflower is Jon’s most viewed video in his YouTube channel, to which I invite you to subscribe. His most recent album is Live in the Acoustic Asylum was released in September 2015, and it is, in his own words a “9 track album of new and improved performances from old songs, played completely live”. It offers a great experience to new listeners who desire to be more into Jon’s musical legacy.

With his personal style and voice Jon Gomm earned himself a place in contemporary guitar music, as an accomplished artist who keeps reinventing himself with each new track.

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