YUAR is an avant-garde splendor duo based on passion and talent

Electronic indie band YUAR

A young duo, a collaboration of two musicians coming together to create an indie electronic music with a piercingly zesty sound. Their operatic vocal abilities are enough to rival the likes of Florence and The Machine and London Grammar. The wide range of influences puts them in leagues above the traditional indie basic tempo bands with drab backing effects. They create life and soul in their harmonies that you’d be stone faced not to be moved by.

YUAR is a band that are blessed with exotic mystery as they mix ethnic influence to modern electronic and rock music for that little extra energy which is delivered as their tracks pick up and take you with them. Their tracks flow with a natural rhythm and harmony, yet it comes together for an archaic sound. The vocals are so mesmerizing, it doesn’t matter what language they are in, if they aren’t understandable they undeniably still poignantly poetic.

Since YUAR was formed in 2011 by Arina Popova and Yuri Poisik the duo have been taking the scene by storm after their 2nd release in Israel, they have also established themselves within the cinematic and TV sound scene, as all of their music oozes that live lounge sound that we would never get tired of hearing.

The main feat for this band is undeniably Arina’s vocal ability, with vocals so encapsulating and seductive yet a voice that easily demands attention over the dynamic and hard to predict backing of the song which seems to keep you on the edge of your seat, as you can start to feel yourself getting drawn in to the beat of the track, bringing you down, creating such a psychedelic sense of euphoria that’s bursting to come out of you as you come up with the song and revel in its enigmatic essence.

Their Avant-Garde splendor is the reason there is so much demand to see the duo live. This trendy couple are a pleasure to be in the company of as you see the talent and passion pour out of vocalist Arina, coupled with the almost dub step electronic in the background it creates a blissfully upbeat and almost club classic feel, keeping all of the sensibility of a serious and conceptual band.

Arina recently surprised us all with a cover of Holocene by Bon Iver, this would be sacrilegious from most artists, however Ariana invigorates the sound, bringing new elements to a beloved track, just in her vocals and piano playing. The sounds that she is able to create is just as impressive as any famous symphony. Within the symphony she creates a cacophony of noise as the music flows from start to finish as easily as a feather in the wind.

Get the updates about band’s new tracks and album releases on their official site.

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