David Philips creates clear and concise sounds that fades you into the music

David Philips - Singer and Songwriter
Photo by Pascal Lemlijn

David Philips is a one man band, in the only true sense of the word, this UK based singer and song writer is an outstanding blues and jazz multi-instrumentalist who not only self produces all of the music on his albums, he also creates his own art work. The sketches and paintings that he creates whilst on tour are utilized to create the perfect album LP sleeves for his albums. His art work creates records that would be hard to walk past in the record store, which is sure to go down a treat with the trendier audiophiles out there.

We have come to believe that Philips is the true epitome of talent, because where do we start? His unimaginably sublime jazz undertones on the guitar that sounds light as air, the ambience of the drums in the background which reverberate through the track until you’re fully in rhythm with the music, or the cacophony of noise that screams vibrancy through each note.

His most obvious talent is his vocal ability, which creates a sound so clear and so concise, as you fade into the music, the natural effortless talent in his voice calls back to you. The vocal is flawless, yet even in the absence of the beautifully poetic vocals the long solo’s have a magic of their own, drawing you so far in, you can feel yourself matching your own breath in time with the music to achieve a blissfully higher state.

We have been pleasantly surprised following David’s career as it is evident that with each album release he gets more adventurous with his recordings.

Undeniably there’s only a few people in this world who would be capable of pulling off collaboration of Folk, Rock, Jazz, Electronica and psychedelia all in one album. It’s refreshing to see that as we progress through the 21st century there are still acts out there who can create original sounds, yet at the same having a comfortable familiarity about them.

Philips creates a sound that it’s hard not to make a connection with. With such a range of influences his music creates a throbbing, yet harmonious sound to the music, excellently put together by his own fair hands by combining complex yet soulful blues and jazz guitar solo’s with the creative use of spoons and glitch electronica.

Not surprisingly, David’s fans have been demanding an audience with him world wide to witness his percussion soaked enigmatic self live.

You can learn more about David Philips on his personal site.

Article photo by Pascal Lemlijn

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